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The Secret Juicy Chicken Breast!

Chicken breast
Chicken breast


A long time ago, I had utterly no idea how to cook a juicy chicken breast. the primary thing I attempted cooking was chicken breast & broccoli. My chicken breast would be dry and chewy. I absolutely hated it. But, it absolutely was the sole thing I knew a way to cook. So I used to be stuck eating it every single day. But don’t fret. I’m going to facilitate your avoid this horrible fate by showing you the way to cook some Juicy Chicken Breast!

The first thing you would like to try and do is to bring the chicken breast out of the fridge before 15 min of cooking. You would like to bring it up to temperature. In order that it cooks evenly throughout. Another tip to create sure your chicken cooks evenly is to butterfly your breast. Take your knife and get across the center of your chicken breast like this.

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This decreases out the meat and allows it to cook quicker than well. Now you will admire why this cooking technique is called butterfly. Well you see, when a chicken caterpillar crawls into an aluminum foil cocoon, you leave it out there in your backyard. And once you come to open up that cacoon, That caterpillar turns into an impressive butterfly…made of chicken breast.

Always remember to season your juicy chicken breast with some salt & pepper.

I’m going to add more pepper because frankly breaking this pepper is sort of orgasmic. you’ll be able to also add your favorite spice. I’m going with Hungarian paprika which isn’t actually Hungarian in the least. Just got it from Costco… dig on either side of your chicken and provides it a decent pat.

Always ensure to clean your hands after you touch raw chicken. Unless you want a healthy dose of salmonella poisoning… But let me tell you, there’s nothing healthy about it. Move up your oven to medium-high heat and preheat your pan. you would like to form sure your pan is sweet and hot before your chicken goes in.

Drizzle some olive oil onto your pan and place your chicken far from you unless you wish to urge splattered by oil. Now the key to cooking Juicy chicken breast is hot & fast. Let your chicken caramelize and do its thing. that is what gives it that lovely golden brown color. nobody likes anemic chicken.

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Some things are just too dark to be mentioned. You want to fry each side for 2 min on medium-high heat to get a lovely golden brown sear. Once you get a wonderful brown crust on two sides, add a splash of water to your pan and cook for an extra 7-8 min depending on how solid your chicken is. Also, add that bit of water will help steam your chicken And keep it nice and moist.

Moist is a cool word, isn’t it?

As you chicken cooks Lower down the heat to medium. 3-4 min into your steaming method you may see evaporation going down. If water starts disappearing that’s ok. Calm down. Just add another dush of water and keep the cooking. Yummy, chicken is sort of ready. Let me show you ways to form a fast pan sauce. Add a tablespoon of butter & a bit of lemon juice.

Cut up some parsley and add that in. That’s just about it guys. Easy peasy! Take your chicken off the warmth and transfer it onto a cutting board. it is vital to let your chicken rest for 3-4 min and you chop into it. this can allow the meat to release the juices. I do know you would like to eat it now. Licky’s down here expecting some already. Time to chop your chicken.

You want to chop vertically to urge nice thin even strips. study how juicy that looks. All that’s left to try to now’s to transfer your chicken onto a plate and pour on your pan sauce.

Yummy ❤❤ the only thing juicer in my kitchen right now would be this cartoon of juice. Furthermore, this is how you make juicy chicken breast every time. No more dry and chewy chicken breast guys.


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